RoseMarie Davio | ArtistWhen you enter my studio you will find many collections. Memorabilia of all kinds from family, travels and anything that finds its way into my studio. The upstairs annex holds my art books, some signed by the artists I have been privileged to know over the years and resource books of all kinds. The back room houses my computer and printers and my real collection of memories and family photographs dating from the 1800’s to today. It is these Collections of Memories that enter and move me to create. I feel their presence when I enter the studio compelling me to create. My work always has a  personal message embedded into each piece. Look closely and you will see them there.

I have had the good fortune through my family travels and relocations to study with many talented artists over the years. Whether it is studying fabric weaving in South Africa, Nantucket and Shaker baskets on the East Coast, painting in the Netherlands or assemblage and paper-making in California, some part of all these experiences find their way into my art. I am not sure there is an art form that has not touched me in some way. I continue to study all forms of art because they seem to intuitively enter into whatever medium I am working on at the time – abstract, mixed media paintings, collages, encaustics or photographs. I call it the Rhythm of the Canvas because the work naturally evolves as I move around each piece.

While my cherished travels and family memories are enough to spawn thousands of works, the most exciting part of being an artist is that there is always a new journey just around the corner.



RoseMarie is a mixed media artist working intuitively with “The Rhythm of the Canvas” in her abstract paintings. She applies these same techniques to her collages, encaustics, and photography.

RoseMarie lives and works in her studio in San Clemente, California. In addition to being compelled to create by her cherished family history, her husband, two daughters and five grandchildren encourage and contribute to the continual memory-making.

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